From NYC's best yoga studios to your living room.


A City Full Of Instructors

Yoga Sampler presents the best of New York's yoga instructors, for new and experienced students alike. Every week, we scour the world's most active yoga city and bring you its innovative and inspirational teachers in free, sample-sized video clips of 10 minutes or less. 


Top Teachers And Instruction 

New York is home to many of the top instructors in the world, representing an incredibly diverse range of styles. From Vinyasa to Iyengar, Kundalini to Core Power, Acro to Ashtanga, you can find them setting trends and sustaining ancient traditions.



Step Inside The Studios

The studios of New York are as varied as the styles that they house. From the spartan to the spectacular, you can find just the right atmosphere for your practice, at-home or in-person. 

All of our videos are shot on location with tours and interviews that really take you there.