Making a Yoga Video for the First Time

Our friend and collaborator Yogi J. Brown has written a brutally honest post, "The Unbearable Sweetness of Yoga", about what it's like to put his heart, soul and sum total of his teaching experience into making a yoga video for the first time.

J's post is way better than anything we could have written on the subject and really you should go read it right now if you haven't already... Suffice to say, J lays out the source of a lot of the nervousness that we often find in teachers right before shooting.

"It was no longer about making a yoga video. It was about facing the discrepancy between an idealized vision of myself and my practice and the actuality of what it is."




The teachers we feature understandably want to look their very best and we do everything we can during shooting and post-production to make them look amazing. Over the past few weeks, we've developed a process for shooting teachers on location, at studios, where real students can find them.

(Shooting on location presents a whole new set of challenges, which is why so many other yoga video sites use soundstages.)

Inevitably there are quirks that come up in production, maybe the lighting is a bit off or a teacher forgets a key piece instruction, and so we have to edit out a pose or discard an entire reel...

But it always come back to heart. If a teacher truly puts his or her heart into practicing, with all its flaws and resilience, that comes across on camera more memorably than even the most technically flawless asana. And that's what J captures so eloquently in his blog post and what I'm sure will come across in his upcoming videos.

J is the founder of Abhyasa Yoga Center in Williamsburg and we've been inspired by his sincerity and innovative spirit since meeting him. We can't wait for his self-produced video series, "Gentle Is The New Advanced", to come this December. 

Here's a preview of the goodness to come!