Frequently Asked Questions


What is NYC YogaSampler?

YogaSampler is a collaborative project between yoga teachers, studios and nonprofits. Our mission is to make yoga more accessible by making videos and easy ways for students to try new teachers and studios.

Additionally, we aim to empower yoga teachers, studios and nonprofits by connecting them with new audiences and renewable sources of income.


I’m a yoga teacher or studio. How would I benefit by participating?

Yoga teachers and studios benefit by receiving an exceptional promotional opportunity and supplemental income stream.

For every teacher and studio accepted into the project, our team will create an online profile at with a set of high quality, professionally edited HD video and photos. 


How is YogaSampler different than other yoga video sites? 

We believe strongly that yoga is rooted in the community where it is practiced.

Our mission is manifest in our product. All of our yoga videos are shot on-location at studios and with teachers that students can actually visit. Our videos give prospective students a sense of place. Our videos are also intimate by design, so that teachers can connect with the students at-home and make yoga more inviting and accessible to them in-person.

With this project, we wanted to serve our community here in New York, while exploring models that enable teachers and studios around the world to become more self-sufficient, so they can better serve communities of their own. We donate 10% of all revenue to nonprofits serving NYC communities in need through yoga. 


Which teachers and studios have signed up so far?

Visit our Teachers, Studios and Partners pages. There are also several well-known teachers and studios onboard that we will be publicly announcing in the coming weeks. 


Who is behind NYC YogaSampler?

We are a small, talented, and passionate team consisting of yogis, a yoga teacher trainee, an experienced yoga teacher, an Ayurveda instructor, a professional edit, a professional photographer and a seasoned digital marketer. Learn more at Our Team.


As a yoga teacher or studio manager, will I have any creative control over the video?

Yes, absolutely. Our aim is to showcase the unique nature of every yoga teacher and neighborhood studio. To this end, we want your creative input to capture the essence of your teaching practice and studio atmosphere on video.


Do you only want Asana Yoga teachers?

By all means, no! We are very interested in working with all branches of yoga, as well as alternative spiritual practices. Teachers of meditation, philosophy, Ayurveda, and musicians are all very much welcome to join.


Sounds great. How do I get started?

Simply visit and send us a short message indicating your interest, along with your full name, email and teacher or studio website.


Can I contact you?

Absolutely. Contact us anytime at