Sacred Sounds Yoga Studio

About This Studio

It’s clean, new, friendly, with a variety of classes for different tastes. I haven’t had an instructor that I didn’t love.
— SJ, Brooklyn, NY

Sacred Sounds Yoga is known for the variety of classes that they have on the schedule, everything from Ashtanga to Tai Chi to Yin Yoga. The studio takes its name from the Tibetan Singing Bowl and other spiritually enriching instruments, such as Pranayama breathwork, also on the schedule.

Founded in 2011, Sacred Sounds Yoga is located nearby Washington Square Park in the West Village. Founder Stephanie Tang is usually behind the front desk, warmly greeting students. She's created an inviting and meditative atmosphere with beautiful, minimalist Buddhist decor throughout the studio.

Be sure not to miss freestyle Candlelit Flow on Friday nights and Unnata® Aerial Yoga in the front room. Unnata is the Sanskrit word for "elevated," meaning elevated in both body and spirit. The class combines traditional yoga with beautiful silk hammocks, letting students fly and relax into rejuvenating alignment.