Joe Miller

(Re)Learning to Squat

"The squat is not only a fundamental yoga pose, it's also a fundamental human movement," says experienced teacher Joe Miller. Most of us could easily squat when we were toddlers, but somewhere along the line, we lost the ability to lower down. In this short sequence, Joe walks you through a few simple exercises to get your squat back.

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Easy Flow Vinyasa

Join Joe for this easy going, slow flow vinyasa class and benefit from his years of anatomical study and committed practice. You'll explore a series of gentle twists and extensions, including Extended Side Angle Pose (pictured) and Bow Pose, and wind up feeling rejuvenated and more familiar with the essential postures.


About Joe

Joe's passion is teaching how the body works. He discovered yoga in his mid-twenties. "I had spent my teenage and college years living in a way that was cerebral and disembodied," Joe says. "Yoga re-awakened a lost sense of pleasure in movement and physicality."

Since then, Joe's studied with many of the leading yoga and anatomy teachers in the world including Leslie Kaminoff, Amy Matthews, Tom Myers, Gil Hedley, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Glenn Black. He even has a master’s degree in Applied Physiology from Columbia University.

But Joe's not just a great student. Years of teaching have honed his contemplative, masterful approach. Learn more at 


Joe Miller at Sacred Sounds Yoga

Joe Miller at Sacred Sounds Yoga

Understanding the way your body works can profoundly affect your life, allowing you to move with greater awareness and freedom so that you can more clearly put your intentions into action.
— Joe Miller, Yoga Teacher