John Son

Beginner's Intro to Meditation

Have you tried meditating before but just been frustrated? "All part of the practice," says seasoned meditation teacher John Son. "Recognizing your impatience is an opportunity to invite a sense of calm." In this short video, John walks you through how to sit on the floor, relax your back and cultivate conscious breathing for improved awareness and a sense of calm throughout your day.


About John

John wants nothing more than to open your heart through asana, meditation, and the written word. His classes reflect his training and ongoing studies in Tibetan Buddhism and are infused with warmth, openness, and humor. John is grateful for the opportunity to pass along the wisdom of his beloved teachers, including Kelly Morris, Venerable Thupten Phuntsok, and John Stilwell, among countless others. For more about John, visit

John Son at Lucky Lotus

John Son at Lucky Lotus

Everything we do on the mat and on the cushion is preparation for what we do off the mat and off the cushion.
— John Son, Meditation Teacher